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A survey of ASTD members, the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals , revealed that training is not effectively transferred to the workplace.
1. Only 40% of the training content was applied to the job by the learner immediately following training.
2. Only 25% of the training content was still applied to the job by the learner after six months.
3. Only 15% of the training content was still applied to the job by the learner after one year.

In fact, of the over $100 Billion spent on corporate training annually, less than 30% of it is considered effective. Why? Most training is conducted in a vacuum, completely out of context of every day work life. In order to be successful training must be integrated with initiatives tied to the organization's business needs and goals. Otherwise the experience is irrelevant to employees, and ultimately, to the company.

training screenThe most effective way to increase the effectiveness of training is to continually re-enforce its connection to daily work life once employees are back at their day job.

The GladRuth Training Suite is a managed services training augmentation solution designed to re-enforce the most critical messages and assess whether employees truly understood and are using the newly acquired skills.

The GladRuth Training Process flow chartAdvantages of GladRuth Training Suite

1. Increased knowledge transfer and retention due to on-demand availability and employee ability to easily revisit content  2. Increased employee interest and impact as material is provided with video-centric, multimedia content  3. Reference Material Accessibility: Online and integration to intranet/portals/SharePoint sites allow for easy access to often needed information
4. Dynamic Content Modification: update video, data, and reference material, even after content has been distributed  5. Measurement & Metrics: Usage is tracked and can include, e-training open rates, viewing times and lengths, and quiz/testing component results

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