About GladRuth

GladRuth Services LLC delivers and manages web-enabled and highly customized productivity solutions.

These internal platforms operate as a service (PaaS) to improve customer communications, enhance marketing efforts and increase sales.

Our Charter

Phillip McRae founded GladRuth with the goal of delivering turnkey solutions to solve the most pressing problem many industries face – incorporating emerging technology to improve training, sales, marketing and customer service. The challenge Phillip saw, in his over 25 years in the cable industry, was that many great ideas that would dramatically improve business operations were passed over simply due to the difficulty of integrating and operationalizing the new technologies and processes into the business.

In forming GladRuth, Phillip gathered a team of subject matter experts and technology innovators to create turnkey solutions designed to allow for seamless integration and painless execution without taxing internal operations.

GladRuth begins its work with clients by analyzing an organization's sales, marketing, training, and customer support operations and offering recommendations to improve cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Our clients then have access to a portfolio of managed services solutions that are mapped to the four operational pillars of a holistic Go to Market strategy: training (internal and external), marketing/ communication, sales and customer service. These offers deliver a unique experience that fully leverages the functionality of web 2.0. GladRuth enables organizations to finally achieve scalability, without losing consistency, across all customer facing communication.

GladRuth's managed service offers range from turnkey solutions, including design & operationalization, to particular point solution or campaigns. Our solutions are designed to complement and improve the effectiveness of our clients’ existing outreach strategies across all constituencies (sales reps, customer service reps, customers, analysts, etc).




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