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Fact: A recent study looking at the impact of customer moves on cable service companies showed that moves result in a loss of revenue across the board. Opportunities are lost to retain or improve monthly bill amounts that can result in significant revenue improvement.

Customer retention has proven to be a cost-effective and profitable business strategy. In today’s marketplace – it’s vital to success. To support the cable industry, GladRuth Services has developed an Internet-based Systemic Movers Analysis and Reporting Tool — i-SMART. The i-SMART service captures relevant mover data and generates web-based business intelligence, reporting on mover migration, upgrade/downgrade rates, revenue impact and more. Mover-migration service from GladRuth Services provides unprecedented access to business data. The analytic information is embedded into easy to interpret web pages, specially designed for optimum user experience. The reports are created in multiple forms of charting such as tabular, bar and line charts facilitating the decision-making process. The i-SMART system can be designed for simultaneous access by multiple users. With transformation of raw data into business directed intelligence, companies will be able to make smarter decisions based on customer trend analysis. Cable companies who strive to maintain their customers and want to provide a great customer experience need to know what the customer wants in the first place and then act to foster a deep customer relationship and competitive advantage.

couple unpacking from moveAt quick glance, the web-based i-SMART mover-migration service from GladRuth Services provides:
Unprecedented access to mover migration, upgrade/downgrade rates, and revenue impact data
Easy to interpret web-based reporting and analysis to facilitate decision-making
Unique competitive advantage in retaining movers


So that cable companies can:
Anticipate behavior and Increase mover retention of your moving customer base
Minimize bill revenue loss from mover downgrades
Enhance product and package offerings relevant to moving customers
Understanding the movements of your moving cable customer translates into added profits. Call GladRuth Services today and learn more about this business-critical service.




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