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GladRuth Services brings increased productivity and efficiency to the cable and telecommunications industry. Customer Outreach Campaigns. Leveraging the full functionality of web 2.0 technologies, GladRuth provides our clients with turnkey targeted outreach campaigns. Quickly executable, these campaigns combine banner ads, email, high availability video optimized for any bandwidth and click to talk technologies. Our patent pending services designed for cable by cable experts provides unprecedented tracking, reporting and data base integration.

GladRuth Sales Force Optimization Suite: Combining deep industry expertise with the latest in technology, GladRuth created our Sales Force Optimization Suite to meet the unique needs of our cable and telecom clients. Delivered as a Managed Service solution, the GladRuth Sales Force Optimization Suite provides:

Sales Reps with dynamic tools to generate interest, create compelling calls to action and manage their follow-up activities, all via their desktop and PDA. Customized sales materials in the field without compromising or diluting brand messaging.
Customers with easy purchase options
Management with the tools to measure the sales productivity nuances critical to the cable business. Business rules ensure proper usage and field compliance.

Market with the ability to control messaging in an increasingly fragmented world and easily mine data to improve offer effectiveness and measure ROI. 



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