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The acquisition of new business customers is one of the new determinates of success the cable industry. The well-used phrase, you are either growing or dying, has never been more true. With finite resources, companies want to make the best use of their commercial capital and leverage in-house sales and technical staff where possible. However, with more effective planning and execution, the acquisition of new customers can be less costly, time-consuming, and deliver better than normal results.

You want to create a great business customer experience. To do this, you will need to get the most basic answers to: how will this make my business life easier, and does it satisfy my business need? Finding new commercial customers requires planning, implementation, post-analysis and refinement. CAAP® (Commercial Acquisition Acceleration Program) from GladRuth Services is an innovative “survey-to-sales-to-service” program that introduces a new, integrated, and effective approach for commercial development. CAAP will help local cable markets plan strategically, optimize sales results, increase revenue assurance, and build customer relationships.

metaphor for customer acquisitionDeveloped by an experienced cable-centric team, CAAP from GladRuth Services will help you out-execute competitors with commercial plans based on better market intelligence, smarter processes, and better productivity tools. CAAP Web-enhanced Marketing Features Improve Productivity with: 
Lead/sales generation using new interactive banner ad technology
Video-centric marketing and on-demand mail
Multiple customer “response” options
 Direct link / customer data delivery option
Viral forwarding

GladRuth Services makes it easy for you to harness the promise of web 2.0 technology to send high impact video direct mail, video-based banner ads and interact with your customers.








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