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These are just a few of the services we're pleased to offer you.




Unique Service Features From GladRuth Services Include:

Integrated Multimedia Content Management: GladRuth uses Internet Secured Applications Technology (ISAT) that delivers live and recorded audio, video and animation content. Our exclusive patented service allows our clients to deliver short or long form video, print, PDFs, and interactive text, all in a single email communication. We work with our clients to build and promote product messages and company communications using robust multimedia to drive customer responses and increase sales. With multimedia treatment, prospects get a deeper understanding of our clients’ services and/or new products being offered.

Broadcasting Technology: Which means we 'push' the multimedia content to end users -- not “pull” them to websites to find the content. Therefore, specific information can be sent directly to a targeted viewer. Customization by customer segment/ language, etc., is possible, plus tracking of viewership is available.

Security: All ISAT sites are secured with SSL encryption... this means we can securely capture customer lead data and securely send it back to sales reps or call centers.

Multiple Direct Response Options: This means from text, to chat to a call now feature that links to call centers for live back-up questions and/or sales opportunities, we flexibly incorporate them all.

Bandwidth use and Delivery: Our service uses less bandwidth, when delivering these services, than traditional HTML which means the multimedia content is accessible to 99% of all users.

Data Analysis, Management and Reporting: track, analyze and report consumer activity and behavior as it relates to solving your specific problem set.

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